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Infrastructure Trend Report 2017

Get with it, or get left behind.

  • As an IT leader, you’re pulled in several directions at once: fighting fires, keeping the lights on, managing people—there are only so many hours in a day!
  • Add the challenge of keeping abreast of new developments in the IT space, and it’s easy to understand why you sometimes fall behind.
  • But falling behind can be disastrous. IT leaders that don’t keep up with the pace of innovation are likely to see their roles diminish or disappear. Don’t fall into the complacency trap.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The pace of change in the technology space is staggering, and the next big innovation might actually be a dud. Practical, value-focused research based on extensive IT experience is the best way to insulate yourself from the hype.
  • Understand how new technology can realistically benefit your organization. Drive value and demonstrate how IT can contribute to continued organizational success.

Impact and Result

Info Tech’s Infrastructure Trend Report 2017 will help you:

  • Understand what’s going to affect you right now. Separate the wheat from the chaff and ignore the hype. Bring realistic, actionable intelligence to the table.
  • Assist in driving organizational strategy by demonstrating how IT can leverage new technology to drive value.
  • Evaluate how your organization can best position itself in relation to competitors.

Infrastructure Trend Report 2017 Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to discover why you should explore infrastructure trends, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand how our key initiative plans can help prepare you for the future.

1. Reclaim the edge of the network

SD-WAN is changing the game. Software is helping organizations seize back control over links between sites, changing the value proposition of traditional MPLS connections. Consider SD-WAN to reclaim the edge of the network.

2. Move to IT-as-a-service broker

IT is increasingly moving into a brokerage role, as flattening budgets drive the business to be more cost conscious. Aggregating services, coordinating contracts, and even outsourcing are the new normal, though direct provisioning has not disappeared.

3. DevOps is extending to the enterprise

DevOps is becoming more widespread, with its key traits of agility and responsiveness taking center stage. More frequent rollouts, improved change management success, and significant reductions in lead times are the future for organizations that embrace DevOps.

4. Self-service rules

From self-service portals to BYOD policies to AI-powered automation, service desks in IT organizations large and small are struggling to confront the new reality. In 2017, expect to see all of the above expand their footprints.

5. The hybrid cloud is the elastic cloud

The hybrid cloud offers enterprise customers an unprecedented ability to mix and match offerings and vendors to suit unique needs. Improvements in portability and elasticity make the hybrid cloud more attractive than ever—and the data backs this up.

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