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Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance

Don’t just measure engagement, act on it.

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Over 10,000 employee engagement surveys that measure employees’ engagement levels as well as their perception and opinion on engagement drivers such as manager relationships, employee empowerment, culture, company potential, and senior management relationships.

In-depth interviews with IT professionals, subject matter experts, employees, and managers over a two-year period to better understand the impact of employee engagement on a variety of organizations.

Your Challenge

  • In IT, high turnover and sub-optimized productivity can have huge impacts on IT’s ability to execute to SLAs, complete projects on time, and maintain operations effectively.
  • With record low unemployment rates in IT, retaining top employees and keeping them motivated in their jobs has never been more critical.
  • Engagement initiatives are often seen as being HR’s responsibility, however, IT leadership needs to take accountability for the retention and productivity of their employees in order to drive business value.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Engagement is fundamentally about leadership. As the leader of the IT department you need to take accountability for your team’s engagement levels in order to improve IT performance and lower IT costs.
  • Employee engagement is the tool – not the end goal. Engaging employees has a clear ROI which you can measure in productivity and staffing costs, and through IT innovation. The first step is measuring your engagement. The second is acting on it.

Impact and Result

  • Measure the engagement levels of your employees.
  • Analyze the employee engagement results.
  • Develop and implement engagement initiatives.

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should actively focus on employee engagement, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

1. Measure employee engagement

Use Info-Tech's Pulse or Full Engagement Surveys to measure employee engagement.

3. Develop and implement engagement initiatives

Collaboratively build engagement-improving initiatives through staff focus groups and create implementation action plans.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is an eight call advisory process.

Guided Implementation #1 - Measure engagement

Call #1 - Understand diagnostic options.
Call #2 - Prepare to launch your engagement survey.
Call #3 - Review results with an Info-Tech advisor.

Guided Implementation #2 - Analyze engagement

Call #1 - Prepare a script to present results to IT leadership.
Call #2 - Discuss prioritized engagement drivers.
Call #3 - Customize the Engagement Facilitation Guide.

Guided Implementation #3 - Improve engagement

Call #1 - Develop and refine action plans.
Call #2 - Review ongoing communication strategy.

Info-Tech Academy

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Leadership, Culture and Values Course

Increase IT productivity by actively focusing on employee engagement.
This course makes up part of the People & Resources Certificate.

Course information:

  • Title: Leadership, Culture and Values Course
  • Number of Course Modules: 4
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 2-2.5 hours
  • Featured Analysts:
  • Carlene McCubbin, Sr. Research Manager, CIO Practice
  • James Alexander, SVP of Research and Advisory, CIO Practice
  • Now Playing: Academy: Leadership, Culture and Values | Executive Brief

Onsite Workshop

Discuss This Workshop

Book Your Workshop

Onsite workshops offer an easy way to accelerate your project. If you are unable to do the project yourself, and a Guided Implementation isn't enough, we offer low-cost onsite delivery of our project workshops. We take you through every phase of your project and ensure that you have a roadmap in place to complete your project successfully.

Module 1: Complete Employee Engagement Program

The Purpose

Measure the engagement of your staff.

Key Benefits Achieved

Develop an understanding of the drivers that contribute to engagement/disengagement.




Identify engagement program.


Launch Engagement Diagnostic.

  • Employee Engagement Report

Module 2: Explore Engagement

The Purpose

  • Use the results of the engagement survey to understand the drivers that contribute to engagement and disengagement.
  • Plan the next steps for building initiatives that will improve engagement. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Gain knowledge of the drivers that contribute to engagement in your organization.
  • Prepare the focus group plans. 




Identify employee engagement goals and obstacles.


Understand your organization’s engagement level by reviewing results.

  • Defined engagement goals and objectives

Finalize focus group agendas.

Module 3: Hold Employee Focus Groups

The Purpose

  • Collaboratively identify the drivers of engagement and disengagement and brainstorm initiatives to address them.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identify priority drivers.
  • Develop list of potential engagement initiatives with staff members. 




Identify priority drivers.

  • Summary of focus groups results presentation

Identify engagement KPIs.

  • Identified engagement initiatives

Module 4: Build Action Plans

The Purpose

Build action plans for the implementation of selected engagement initiatives.

Key Benefits Achieved

Clearly define project plans for the implementation of engagement improving initiatives.




Select engagement initiatives with IT leadership.


Discuss and decide on top five engagement initiatives.


Create initiative project plans.

  • Engagement Project Plans

Build detailed project plans.


Present project plans.

Module 5: Communicate and Plan for Ongoing Engagement

The Purpose

Build an ongoing communication plan to communicate the progress of the engagement project to stakeholders.

Key Benefits Achieved

Finalize a strategy for communicating the progress of the engagement program implementation.




Define implementation strategy.

  • Communication Strategy

Identify opportunities for ongoing ideation.

  • Ideation Strategy

Define implementation checkpoints.


Develop communications plan.


Define strategy for ongoing measurement of engagement.

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Published: October 21, 2015
Last Revised: February 12, 2016