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Forming the team right is step one to successfully achieving team objectives.

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  • A survey on the forming of teams that attracted 276 respondents from HR and business leadership.
  • Six interviews with HR leaders and HR experts on practices involved in forming teams.

The following individuals contributed to this McLean & Company solution set:

  • Maxine Sesula, HR Manager, Cutting Edge Inc.
  • Alasdair T. Campbell Sr., HR Consultant, Independent
  • Leon Noone, Principal Consultant, Noone Self Instruction Systems
  • Rick Highsmith, President at Quality Team Building, LLC
  • Elaine Crowley, Exec Coach & OD Consultant
  • Johanne Landry, Services Conseils
  • Almost every organization works in teams in some form or another. Some are extremely successful while others are not.
  • The way that teams are formed early on often determines whether they succeed or fail.
  • Most organizations fall into one of the common pitfalls associated with teamwork during the forming phase, and then they struggle to get back on track. This causes wasted resources, negative climate, and failure to achieve significant benefits.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The more team-forming best practices you implement during the forming phase of a team’s lifecycle, the more likely the team will be successful.
  • When done properly, teams can achieve significant results and provide increases in profits, efficiency, and creativity.
  • Teams that assess team members, establish roles and goals, set team ground rules, and implement appropriate leadership during the forming phase are much more likely to achieve team objectives.

Impact and Result

  • Use McLean & Company’s steps to successful team forming, Skills Inventory Tool, and Team Charter Template to transition your team through the forming phase.
  • Understand the best practices associated with team forming and the pitfalls to avoid along the way.

Research & Tools

1. Implement best team-forming practices

Build teams that are better prepared to achieve their goals.

2. Create a team charter

Establish team objectives, membership, ground rules, and leadership.

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Published: June 25, 2014
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