Patch Management Policy


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The patch management policy helps to ensure company computers are properly patched with the latest appropriate updates in order to reduce system vulnerability and to enhance repair application functionality. The policy aids in establishing procedures for the identification of vulnerabilities and potential areas of functionality enhancements, as well as the safe and timely installation of patches. The patch management policy is key to identifying and mitigating any system vulnerabilities and establishing standard patch management practices.

Risks addressed by this policy:

  • Attacks on company computer systems
  • Unforeseen side effects of system patches
  • Inappropriate patch deployment


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    Peter Jarrell | 11-06-2009

    Nice document. I just created my patch management document in 15 minutes.

  • 5a5e082fddf737aaf994add83c21a365 comment
    Dave Elfering | 08-17-2010

    Simple, easy to use and common sense template.

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