The Evolution of Web Management: from Content to Experience using Social Channels and Apps

Info-Tech Research Group’s Web Content Management (WCM) and Web Experience Management (WEM) Vendor Landscape reports both list OpenText, Adobe, Ektron and Sitecore as Champions in markets that will soon merge.

London, ON, October 9th, 2012 – The Web Experience Management (WEM) and Web Content Management (WCM) markets are quickly converging making vendors pay close attention to integrating social management tools, according to two new research reports from Info-Tech Research Group. In the both reports OpenText, Adobe, Ektron and Sitecore were ranked as Champions.


“WEM is about ‘giving users an experience’, rather than just managing where the content is on the page, which is WCM. The WEM market is incorporating many marketing and IT tools into a one-stop-shop. WCM is the basic system, which is great if you don’t need the whole kit and caboodle,” said Chris Wynder, Research Analyst for Info-Tech Research Group.  “If you look at the market in terms of its metamorphosis: the WCM is a caterpillar, and eventually if you survive you’re going to be a butterfly [WEM].”

Founded in 1991, OpenText now has more than 2,600 clients worldwide and lands in the Champion’s quadrant.  With a user-friendly solution for content management, OpenText also delivers advanced search and navigation capabilities that deliver excellent web experience.

Adobe has a long history in web development and management solutions, also ranking as a Champion in both reports. With a feature rich content management product, Adobe also offers a strong solution for the quick deployment of web campaigns.

Ranking as a Champion, Ektron’s 2012 release delivers a strong product for the content management space and wins Best Overall Value in the WCM report. With excellent page analytics and search functionality Ektron quickly developed a competitive product for the WEM market.

Also a Champion vendor in both reports, Sitecore’s social channels and mobile apps catapult the vendor to recommended shortlists for both the WCM and WEM industry.

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