Alexa, Start My Proof of Concept

Author(s): Ken Weston

Amazon has announced Alexa for Business Blueprints. This is the latest proof that it’s time to hire Alexa.

These skill templates have been added to the Alexa Skill Blueprints portal:

  • Business Q&A: “Provide answers to common workplace questions”
  • Onboard Guide: “Provide new team members with a guide to your organization”

These templates allow anyone to create private skills without having to code – but the skills must be approved by an administrator before they can be deployed.

Alexa for Business Blueprints supplements the ability to build private skills with the Alexa Skills Kit developer console.

Our Take

It’s time that you start working with Alexa for Business. If these “blueprints” aren’t persuasive on their own, consider:

Introducing a virtual assistant into the workplace will undoubtedly be disruptive – don’t even pilot with end users until you’ve performed a well thought out proof of concept.

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