Service Benefits


Align Security Initiatives to Business Goals

Demonstrate that your security strategy will add business value through alignment with business goals.


Optimize Security Resources

Prioritize security spending and resources where they are needed the most.


Improve your Holistic Security Posture

Systematically identify and improve gaps in your overall security program.

Information Security Strategy Review

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Our Perspective

Clearly illustrate alignment.

A security strategy that fails to clearly align security priorities to business goals will struggle to gain business support.

Don't forget about people and processes.

Many security strategies focus too much on technology and not enough on people and process.

Update strategy often to maintain alignment.

Security programs must be regularly assessed and continuously maintained to ensure security controls align with organizational objectives.

Service Overview

Have our subject matter experts review the quality of your information security strategy and roadmap.

Assess Security Requirements

Clarify the security program's obligations and scope.

Build a Gap Initiative Strategy

Gain clarity on your current state versus target state, a high-level understanding of the gaps between states, and an understanding of how to close the gaps.

Prioritize Initiatives and Build Roadmap

Develop a fully prioritized security roadmap that is aligned with business goals and informed by the organization's needs and limitations.

Execute and Maintain

Develop a plan to take action on your security strategy.