Service Benefits


Identify ticket-handling challenges.

Improve value provided by your service desk through analyzing ticket-handling efficiency and identifying gaps.


Visualize ticket information.

Use your data to craft a story for stakeholder groups to celebrate the service desk success and highlight possible improvements.


Continue service desk improvement.

Get insights about building an improvement plan and next steps to provide better customer service.

Exploit Your ITSM Ticket Data

Our Perspective

Reduce the ticket data noise.

Let us standardize your ticket data in a format that will ease analysis to provide you with a visual data driven format.

Let the data do the talking.

Apply common analyses using the clean data set, and customize observation to learn about the state of your environment, the health of your processes, and the quality of your services.

Develop data-driven insights.

Build a ticket analysis report with key findings and improvement initiatives. Get your action data with our analysis to help you continually improve your service desk.

Service Overview

Service overview and scope discussion

Define requirements, introduce to the service, and set service levels.

Import data in the tool

Sanitize data, troubleshoot errors, and modify the tool accordingly.

Analyze data and build deliverables

Create custom dashboards, populate the report, and verify the findings. Debrief results and identified key challenges and key improvement initiatives and review next steps to implement improvement initiatives. ​

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