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Design and Build an Effective Contract Lifecycle Management Process

Each year, organizations rely more heavily on vendors to assist with non-core functions and services. As a result, the need for better contracting and CLM processes...

Prepare to Negotiate Your Generative AI Vendor Contract

Understand how the major areas of risk in Gen AI products may manifest in the contracts for these products. Come to a consensus on your risk tolerance before entering...

Manage Exponential Value Relationships

Implementing exponential IT will require businesses to work with external partners to facilitate the rapid adoption of cutting-edge technologies such as generative...

Looking at Risk in a New Light: The Six Pillars of Vendor Risk Management

Organizations must evolve their risk assessments to be more adaptive to respond to changes in the global market. Ongoing monitoring and continual assessment of vendors’...

Identify and Manage Regulatory and Compliance Risk Impacts on Your Organization

Organizations must understand the regulatory damage vendors may cause from lack of compliance.

Identify and Manage Operational Risk Impacts on Your Organization

Organizations need to be aware of the operational damage vendors may cause, to plan around those impacts effectively.

Identify and Manage Security Risk Impacts on Your Organization

It is time to start looking at risk realistically and move away from “trust but verify” toward zero trust.

Essentials of Vendor Management for Small Business

The purpose of the blueprint is to provide small/medium businesses (SMB) with the basic vendor management necessities to maximize their IT vendor investment. SMBs...

Elevate Your Vendor Management Initiative

Once your vendor management initiative (VMI) has been operating for a while, it's time to take the next step in its evolution. It's time to transform the VMI from...
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Evaluate Your Vendor Account Team to Optimize Vendor Relations

Understanding your vendor team’s background, experience, and strategic approach to your account is key to the management of the relationship, the success of the vendor...
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