Vendor Management - Tools

Vendor Information Sheet

This template gives you a place to consolidate all your vendor information, including escalation chains, issues logs, transition in/out considerations, and TCO.

Salesforce Discount Calculator

This Salesforce Discount Calculator provides enterprises with a framework for projecting savings when negotiating with Salesforce.

Salesforce Terms and Conditions Evaluation Tool

Use this tool to assess a proposed Salesforce contract.

SAP License Summary and Analysis Tool

Use the SAP License Summary and Analysis Tool to document license purchase, keep track of software assets, user types, and deployed licenses.

Contract Review Tool

Use this tool as a checklist and progress tracker when reviewing and negotiating IT contracts.

IBM Passport Advantage Software RFQ Template

Use this tool to ensure that all relevant data is provided to IBM or your reseller for your purchase.

IBM 3-Year Bundled Price Analysis Tool

Use this tool to determine if IBM is offering you a good deal and whether or not a longer agreement will reduce costs.

Adobe ETLA vs. VIP Pricing Table

Use this tool to calculate your ETLA costs and compare them to VIP costs.

Adobe ETLA Deployment Forecast

Use this tool to track your Adobe product deployment, define your ETLA product needs, and calculate your ETLA costs.

VMware Business as Usual – Install Base SnS Renewal Only Tool

Use this tool to calculate your costs if renewing your contract close to as is.
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