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Tech Trend Update: If Digital Ethics Then Data Equity

The COVID-19 crisis demands solutions, and some technologists might insist it's time to move fast and break things. But building new technologies without digital ethics... Addresses the Privacy vs. AI Debacle With the Industry’s First AI-Powered Privacy Solution

AI-powered privacy is here to stay, driven by the innovative team at The company injects automation through AI with its PrivacyOps solution, PRIVACI, taking...

2B Advice Makes Moves to Support a Privacy-Aware Culture

The privacy management software space is rapidly becoming crowded with vendors all looking to add value. 2B Advice has released the most recent version (7.0) of its...

Proteus-Cyber Bridges the Gap Between Data Privacy and Threat Intelligence

Proteus-Cyber, a leading vendor within the privacy program management space, has added two standout features to its current privacy software offering. The Threat...

FBI Looking to Implement a Governance Risk Compliance Tool

The Department of Justice is looking to acquire a GRC tool for the Office of the CIO within the FBI’s Enterprise Information Security Section.

Google Sets Limit on How Long It Will Store Some Data

In response to criticism over data collection practices, Google is introducing default deletion of location history in its web and application activities for new accounts.

Webinar: 2025 Security Trend Report

To future-proof your security program, you need to understand and plan for emerging threats and trends. In this webinar we will introduce you to the future of...

IAPP’s 2020 Privacy Tech Vendor Report Highlights Data Subject Request (DSR) Feature

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has released its 2020 Privacy Tech Vendor report, reviewing key software solution vendors within the space....

Zecurion DLP 10 New Features: User Behavior Analytics

Among the full set of features available in Zecurion’s new DLP product is the ability to perform user behavior analytics to help spot data loss events before they occur.

Zecurion DLP 9 Recommended by SC Magazine

Zecurion has one of the most robust DLP products on the market and this fact was recently recognized by SC Magazine, who placed the product in its “pick-of-the-litter"...
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