Security Risk, Strategy & Governance

Identify Opportunities to Mature the Security Architecture – Executive Brief

Discover why every organization needs an appropriate security architecture. Review how this blueprint will assist with the development of a right-sized security...

Subject Access Request (SAR) – Erasure

Use this example as a starting point to document your subject access request procedure for erasure requests.

Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness Using STRIDE – Phase 5: Outputs and Interpretation

This phase of the blueprint, Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness, will help you to understand and interpret the results of the assessment and gain insight into how...

Reduce and Manage Your Organization’s Insider Threat Risk

The hard digital wall has crumbled. The focus of organizations has been to protect themselves from the outside, but they equally need to assess and protect themselves...
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Hire or Develop a World-Class CISO – Phase 1: Launch

Understand the core competencies required to be a successful world-class CISO, and identify which ones are a priority for you.

Weighing the Price of a Data Breach: FTC Fines Facebook and Equifax in the Same Week

The US Federal Trade Commission announced both a $5-billion settlement with Facebook and a $575-million penalty against Equifax in the same week. Both were for data...

Security Awareness and Training Vendor Evaluation Tool

This tool will help you discover how the organization wants to evaluate vendors in this space. Once vendors have been contacted, the tool can be used to compare them...

Implement a Security Governance and Management Program – Phase 2: Develop an Effective Governance Framework

This phase of the blueprint, Implement a Security Governance and Management Program, will help you develop your governance framework.

Develop Your Security Outsourcing Strategy – Phase 2: Select the Right MSSP

This phase of the blueprint, Develop Your Security Outsourcing Strategy, will help you evaluate the different MSSPs in order to determine which one will provide the best...

Close the InfoSec Skills Gap: Develop a Technical Skills Sourcing Plan – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you to take a proactive approach to identifying the needed technical skills for your future environment and to systematically decide how to...
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