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Security Priorities for 2022 Report

Security Priorities 2022 identifies what CISOs should be focusing on this year and how they can take action.

Build an IT Risk Management Program – Phases 1-3

Managing risk has never been more important. Ensure that your organization has an established and manageable way of governing a process related to identifying, assessing,...

Integrate IT Risk Into Enterprise Risk Capstone

As strategic opportunities and digital initiatives grow, it's important to stop siloing IT risks from the enterprise. Use risk data to make informed decisions about risk...

Log4Shell: Assess and Mitigate Your Exposure to This Critical Zero-Day

Read our Log4Shell summary report to better understand this critical zero-day exploit, how you might be affected, and what immediate action you can take.

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you define and develop your data classification program, from formalizing the program to discovering your data and finally implementing data...

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phase 1: Formalize the Classification Program

This phase of the blueprint will help you understand the importance of data classification and aid you in developing a classification scheme that meets your...

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phase 2: Discover the Data

This phase of the blueprint will help you perform and manage data discovery.

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phase 3: Classify the Data

This phase of the blueprint will help you assign proper classifications to your data and track meaningful metrics to continually improve the program.

Assess and Govern Identity Security – Phases 1-2

A step-by-step document that walks you through how to properly inventory your identity types, repositories, threats, and mitigations.

Mature Your Privacy Operations – Phases 1-6

Use this storyboard to guide your privacy program maturation. This project should be started after the completion of Build a Data Privacy Program.
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