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Secure Your High-Risk Data – Phases 1-3

Info-Tech’s Secure Your High-Risk Data takes a multi-faceted approach to the challenges around comprehensive data security. This research incorporates foundational...

Secure Your High-Risk Data: Phase 1 – Review Data Security Methodologies

This phase of the blueprint provides an overview of each of the technical and process controls involved in securing the organization’s high-risk data, mapped to...

Secure Your High-Risk Data: Phase 2 – Build the Data Security Plan

Begin to close the gaps in your organization’s data security plan by creating a prioritized roadmap of targeted initiatives that cover data-at-rest, in-transit, and in-use

Secure Your High-Risk Data: Phase 3 – Implement the Data Security Plan

Tie off any loose ends in your data security plan, by ensuring impacted staff are properly trained and supported. Identify and track metrics for each of the control...

Cost-Optimize Your Security Budget – Phases 1-3

Use this blueprint to help you cost-optimize your people, process, and technology during economic downturn.

Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you improve the organization's Identity and Access Management practices by using the Identity Lifecycle as a framework.

Prepare to Privacy-Proof Your AI Technology – Phases 1-2

Harness the power of AI while ensuring that you remain compliant and aware of data privacy best-practices. This research will help you to design an AI implementation that...

Prepare to Privacy-Proof Your AI Implementation – Phase 1: Evaluate AI Through a Data Privacy Lens

Before looking to implement AI technologies within you organization, develop a robust understanding of the technologies and their specific data privacy implications and...

Prepare to Privacy-Proof Your AI Implementation – Phase 2: Identify the Data Privacy Posture

Effective AI integration relies on a strong understanding of the internal data environment. Understand the role of data governance and data privacy in supporting your AI...

Master M&A Cybersecurity Due Diligence – Phases 1-2

Read this blueprint to help prepare for a merger or acquisition and help with understanding the information security risks associated with the acquisition or merger.
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