Project & Portfolio Management

Asana Introduces Automation With Customizable Rules to Alleviate Busywork

Asana’s automation features help reduce busywork by enabling users to create rules for repetitive tasks. This allows staff to dedicate their attention to higher-value...

Project Program Organizer

This tool should be used to organize and access your current projects and initiatives, align them to strategic IT goals and group them into programs.

PPM Suite Deployment Communication Plan Template

Use this template to record your communication plan for the deployment period.

Unify a Mixed Methodology Portfolio – Phase 1

This phase of the blueprint, Unify a Mixed Methodology Portfolio, will help you analyze the current state of your portfolio and get the leadership to buy-in to an Engaged...

Fund Innovation with a Minimum Viable Business Case – Phase 1: Create a Solution to Someone’s Problem

This phase of the blueprint, Build a Minimum Viable Business Case, will help you design an effective value proposition for the solution you intend to develop.

Select and Implement a PPM Solution – Phase 2: Select a PPM Solution

This phase of the blueprint, Select Your PPM Solution, will help you choose the most appropriate solution for your organization's size and PPM maturity level using...

Minimum-Viable Project and Portfolio Management SOP

Rather than just another project document, make your SOP the key to your survival guide.

Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee – Phase 3: Build the Stakeholder Presentation

This phase of the blueprint, Establish an Effective IT Steering Committee, will help you build a presentation for the steering committee's stakeholders.

Define the Right Kind of PMO for Your Organization – Phase 1: Get Specific About Your PMO

This phase of the blueprint, Define the Right Kind of PMO for Your Organization, will help you define the services that your PMO should provide to your organization,...

Maintain an Organized Portfolio – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you maintain an organized portfolio of projects and programs by defining clear organizing criteria grounded upon actual goals and constraints...
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