Project & Portfolio Management - Templates & Policies

Application Maintenance Stage Gate Assessment

This stage gate checklist allows the IT department to determine if it is ready to take on the task of improving its application maintenance processes.

Portfolio Manager Debut Presentation for Data Suppliers

Use this presentation template to communicate information about your new homegrown PPM solution and gain buy-in from PPM project resources.

PPM Executive Dashboard Template

This template provides a working example of a PPM Executive dashboard. Replace the example information and visuals with your own data and visuals and create an easy to...

PPM Dashboard and Report Visuals Template

Each tab of this workbook provides an example of a different style of visual that can be used in PPM dashboards and reports. Customize these examples for your own use, or...

PPM Strategic Plan Template

This template will help you compose a comprehensive PPM strategy. It includes an executive brief to establish the need for PPM, a plan for process improvement, and an...

Comprehensive Business Case Template

Use the Comprehensive Business Case Template for requests that require more rigorous business case development.

Fast Track Business Case Template

Use this fast track template if you want to quicken the development of business cases or for those requests that demand less business case rigor.

Benefits Legitimacy Handbook Template

Use this template as you complete the blueprint, Deliver Project Value With a Benefits Legitimacy Initiative, to document your new benefits management processes.

Project Management Workflow Template

Use this template to document the workflow for your project management process.

EPMO Process Guide and SOP Template

Use this template to develop your EPMO standard operating procedure.
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