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Video: Security Architecture Recommendation Tool

This video acts as a virtual tour through the Security Architecture Recommendation Tool. Use it to gain a better understanding of the purpose and...
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Threat Landscape Briefing – July 2018

This monthly recording covers topics including: cyber threats and regulatory trends; nation states, cyber criminals, and hacktivists' campaigns;...
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EXM Dashboard Demo

This video will walk you through the features of the Employee Experience Monitor online dashboard.
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EXM Setup Video Guide

This video guide will walk you through the setup process to launch your Employee Experience Monitor survey.
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EXM Dashboard Video Guide for Managers

This video is an introduction for managers who will be accessing the Employee Experience Monitor dashboard.
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Office 365 Capability Assessment Video

​This video walks you through the Office 365 Capability Assessment.
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Threat Landscape Briefing – April 2018

This monthly recording covers topics such as cyberthreat and regulatory trends, nation states, cybercriminals, and hacktivists campaigns, data...
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Practitioner Perspectives: Machine Learning-Driven AI

​Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of machine learning-driven AI.
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Practioner Perspectives: IoT

​Experienced IT practitioners discuss the impact of IoT.
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