Templates & Policies

Governance Model Charter Template

The purpose of this template is to assist in the creation of your enterprise software project governance charter. Identify and define the project governance committee...

EA Roadmap

This template is designed to help you formulate a roadmap to keep the operating model on schedule.

Coaching and Feedback Participant Workbook

Use this participant workbook in conjunction with the Coaching and Feedback Facilitation Guide to deliver training to first-time IT managers.

Governance Dashboard Template

This is an example of what a project dashboard for the steering committee could look like. It provides the key data points the committee is interested in.

EA Communication Plan Template

Develop an EA Communication Plan to structure the communication aimed at “selling” EA stakeholders on EA.

Minimum-Viable Project and Portfolio Management SOP

Rather than just another project document, make your SOP the key to your survival guide.

Content Curator Playbook

Use this template to define a specific process for managing the curation of enterprise content and reducing time spent searching for accurate, relevant enterprise content.

BPM Selection Stakeholder Presentation Template

Leverage this presentation template to help IT make the case for their approach to selecting a BPM tool.

Sample Communication – COVID-19 Layoff Strategy and Policy

Use this template to create email communications for managers to give them notice of the policy and strategy associated with the cost-cutting and layoff strategy.

IT Personnel Engagement Plan

Use this template in conjunction with the Cost-Cutting Plan to build stakeholder engagement plans for your employees.
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