Network Modernization Executive Presentation Template

Use this template to create an executive presentation summarizing the key elements of your network modernization project.

Network Modernization RFP Template

Use this template as a basis for the scope of work and technical requirements section of your network modernization RFP.

Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Vendor Demo Script

Take control of your vendor's demo in order to get the answers you want.

Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN RFP Template

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.

Data Center Networking RFP Template

Use this template to develop an RFP (Request For Proposal) asking vendors to place bids on your purchase of a data center networking solution.

Data Center Networking Vendor Demo Script

Use this template to develop a list of networking product features and capabilities that vendors and suppliers will be required to demonstrate.

Remote Access Policy

The remote access policy creates restrictions for connecting to a company’s internal network from external hosts via remote access technology or for utilizing the...

Wireless LAN RFP Template

Use the RFP template to initiate the vendor review and selection process. Input data that best applies to your organization and its set of goals and objectives in order...

Wireless LAN Build or Refresh Implementation Plan Template

Use the WLAN implementation plan in order to break down the network build or refresh into digestible steps. The implementation task monitoring tool further breaks down...

Wireless LAN User Acceptable Use Policy

The wireless LAN user acceptable use policy outlines the standards for appropriate use of the corporate wireless network.
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