Office 365 Communication Plan Template

The Office 365 Communication Plan Template is the repository for information about how to communicate information about the transitions to the relevant stakeholders.

FBI’s Own Hackers Break Into US Servers With a Mission

Do you really want the feds doing your security work for you?

Leverage ARP Funding to Close Broadband Gaps

Broadband infrastructure is included in ARP funding, and $7.2 billion is earmarked for an Emergency Connectivity Fund to help schools and libraries provide broadband...

Backup Solution Providers: Your First Mate on the Voyage Over the Sea of Change With Cloud Backups

Backup and recovery operations was once a set-it-and-forget it design architecture with a static reference architecture. Then along came the cloud, disrupting everything...

Cloud Service Provider Partner Program Comparison

In this storyboard, we have compared the partner program of the top three cloud service providers (AWS, Microsoft, Google), helping IT service providers to choose the...

Understand the Difference Between Backups and Archives

Backup and archive are two very different operations that are quite often confused or misplaced. IT and business leaders are tasked with protecting corporate data from a...

Understand the Difference Between Backups and Archives Storyboard

What is the difference between a backup and a data archive? When should one be used over the other? They are not the same and confusing the two concepts could be expensive.

Enterprise Network Design Considerations

The enterprise network of 2020 and beyond is changing, with increasing distributed services, “off network” services, remote users, and security threats. Depending on how...

Enterprise Network Design Considerations Storyboard

Security, risk, and trust models play into how networks are designed and deployed. If these models are not considered during network design, band-aids and workarounds...

Enterprise Network Roadmap Technology Assessment Tool

The Enterprise Network Roadmap Technology Assessment Tool provides a value versus readiness assessment of your chosen technology customized to your organization.
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