Infrastructure & Operations

10 Secrets for Successful Disaster Recovery in the Cloud – Storyboard

This storyboard provides you with the 10 secrets for success in cloud-based DR deployment.

Improve Service Desk Ticket Intake – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why service desk ticket intake is crucial to end users.

Capacity Plan Template

Customize this template for a ready-to-use capacity management plan.

Can Your Organization Afford Phones That Crash When Dialing 911? A Lesson in Prioritizing Requirements

Capture must-have requirements early through best practices in requirements gathering, which you can adapt no matter what project management methodology you use.

Configuration Management Diagram Template Library

Use this library as a starting point for your configuration management models and workflows.

Capital Project Worksheet

Use this template to outline and identify requirements for each capital project as a part of your capital planning process.

Apply Brakes to the Self-Driving Vehicle Hype

Driverless vehicles are coming. But a number of technological and legal challenges will need to be overcome before autonomous trucks and buses are a reality. Take the...

Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Use the Employee Recognition Nomination Form for employees to nominate their peers to be recognized.

BCP Recovery Workflow Example

Use this example BCP recovery workflow to support your own planning efforts.

Establish a Program to Enable Effective Performance Monitoring Executive Presentation

The performance management program requires sustained commitment from all stakeholders – it is not a one-and-done project. Use the executive presentation to overview...
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