Business Impact Analysis Tool

Rank your services and systems by criticality.

Understand IRR and NPV

The business side of the organization generally uses one of two financial metrics to determine the viability and, therefore, the attractiveness of an investment: Net...

Essentials for Mission Critical Operations

More businesses are finding that they require mission critical operations to support key applications. Mission critical means an application is operational when it is...

Video: Software Asset Management

Implement Software Asset Management to reduce costs and improve processes.

Cisco Buyer's Advice

Understand Cisco's distribution model to optimize your spending and ensure you are getting the best deal.

Storyboard: Take Control of Infrastructure Metrics

Many organizations collect metrics to validate they are keeping the lights on and the infrastructure running. But the Infrastructure Managers who are benefiting the most...

Problem Management SOP

Use this template to record the key details required for effective problem management – both proactive and reactive. Outline a problem management workflow, record the...

Employee Termination Process Checklist – IT Security Example

Use flowcharts and checklists to create effective SOP documents.

ITAM RFP Template

Organizations who are struggling to reconcile requirements with vendor competencies should make use of this RFP template to navigate the ITAM vendor landscape.

Case Study: Washington Mutual

This case study showcases an organization that made better use of metrics by closely examining and eliminating more than 1500 metrics, making data more accurate and...
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