Cherwell’s New Partner Program Will Improve Trust Between Customers and Cherwell Partners

Cherwell is overhauling its global channel program. These changes will continue to drive stellar customer service, but don’t use it as an excuse to outsource Cherwell...

Stabilize Release and Deployment Management – Executive Brief

A quality release and deployment management practice should not be measured solely on efficiency. The primary target of release management is to improve the stability of...

TietoEVRY Touts Lack of Lock-In From Third-Party Automation Tool

TietoEVRY is using Ayehu for IT automation to avoid locking in its customers. TietoEVRY is betting on its relationship building and quality of service to retain accounts.

Monthly Cloud Asset Optimization Checklist

This checklist can provide IT asset managers with a standard approach to optimizing cloud instances.

Optimize Change Management – Executive Brief

The goal of a quality change management program should be to reduce risk incurred through changes. Creating standardized, repeatable processes is the key to achieving...

Internal SLA Executive Summary Presentation Template

Summarize the achievements and next steps from the initial SLA project in this eye-catching template.

Reduce Manual Repetitive Work With IT Automation – Phase 4: Build Automation Roadmap

This phase of the blueprint Reduce Manual Repetitive Work With IT Automation will help you build an IT automation roadmap.

Salesforce Acquires ClickSoftware to Expand Its Field Service Management

ClickSoftware announced an agreement with the giant CRM leader Salesforce to be acquired in a $1.35 billion deal.

Create Visual SOP Documents that Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind – Phase 2: Establish a Sustainable Documentation Process

This phase of the blueprint, Create Visual SOP Documents That Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind, will help you maintain SOP documentation.

Stabilize Release and Deployment Management – Phases 1-4

Organizations are struggling to keep current with the constant release of new deployments, patches, and updates. Use this blueprint to help you assess gaps in your...
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