Trefis Analysts Pondered the Benefits of Google Buying Nutanix – and It’s Not a Bad Idea

Should Google’s parent, Alphabet, buy Nutanix? If analysts at forecasting software vendor Trefis have their way, the search giant should be signing the check.

Cisco’s Shares Fall Nearly 16% in August

Cisco’s shares fell nearly 16% in August. However, the broader context is that Cisco’s poor stock performance might be due to external circumstances.

Slack and Zoom Increasing in Popularity With Office 365-Subscribed Organizations

A new Otka report found that both Slack and Zoom are increasing in popularity with organizations who have Office 365 licenses, despite their having access to Microsoft Teams.

Apps, Alexa, and Audio Hardware – Web Conferencing Vendors Try Different Approaches to Ease Setup Pains

Getting connected to the right virtual conference room too often involves juggling several remotes and playing guessing games with cables. Vendors in the space are aware...

Qubie 2.0 Released for Microsoft Teams

Questback has released their Qubie 2.0 team performance app for Microsoft Teams.

Avaya Releases New Firmware to Resolve Vulnerability in VoIP Phones

Avaya’s newly released firmware addresses a vulnerability that has survived for 10 years in VoIP phone models configured with H.323 signaling.

Veeam Still Running Strong in the Enterprise and Cloud Backup Markets

Veeam is still running strong in the enterprise and cloud backup markets two business quarters into its 2019 fiscal year. Veeam has announced its second quarter results... Raises $150 Million raises $150 million in a series D funding round, and is now valued at $1.9 billion in the team collaboration marketplace.

Microsoft Retiring Skype for Business Online in 2021

Microsoft has announced that Skype for Business Online will be retired on July 31, 2021.

Interview: Josh Lee, CEO of Swit

In this note, I interview CEO Josh Lee of Swit. Areas covered include: why Swit fills a gap in the marketplace, Swit’s competitive advantages, Swit’s security governance,...
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