A Desktop PC in Your Pocket? It’s More Likely Than You Think…

As smartphones become more capable, they underpin larger parts of our digital lives. These leaps in technology, combined with the push to the cloud, augur well for a...

2020 Infrastructure Priorities Report – Executive Brief

Info-Tech’s 2020 Infrastructure Priorities Report explores five initiatives that IT infrastructure practitioners are prioritizing for 2020.

2020 Infrastructure Priorities Report

Infrastructure leaders are busy. They almost always have more to do than they have time to do, making prioritization a core competency. Info-Tech’s 2020 Infrastructure...

Three Ways IoT Could Improve Urban Living

IoT manufacturers aren’t just waiting for 5G connectivity to deliver significant smart city solutions. From a smart city conference in Dublin, we showcase three examples...

Endava Releases Q4 FY2019 and FY2019 Earnings

Endava has released its Q4 FY2019 and FY2019 earnings, marking its first year as a public company on the NYSE.

Are Robot Commanders Going to Be a Part of Your Future Workforce?

Robots have achieved sufficient autonomy to enter semi-structured retail environments. But there’s still a gap in their capabilities, and an ex-Google employee wants to...

Dual Screen Laptops Will Open the Door to Enterprise IT Innovation

At COMPUTEX 2019, Intel, Asus, and HP unveiled gaming laptop prototypes with two screens. Start a proof-of-concept now to boost your innovation credibility.

Manage Your Internet of Things Before It Manages You

The Internet of Things may revolutionize IT more than any other technology. Learn the essentials for how to manage it.

Apply Brakes to the Self-Driving Vehicle Hype

Driverless vehicles are coming. But a number of technological and legal challenges will need to be overcome before autonomous trucks and buses are a reality. Take the...

Get Started With Internet of Things With a Quick-Win Pilot

Safely pilot the capabilities of emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies in a highly secure and sensitive production environment. A quick win here will pave the...
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