Track and Measure Benefits Tool

The Track and Measure Benefits Tool is used to monitor and track if the desired benefits have been met. Deviations in benefits are documented so a remedial action plan...

Detailed Recommendation and Decision Tracking Log Template

This template is used to track scope change decisions and their impacts.

Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects – Phase 5: Implement Your PM SOP

This phase of the blueprint, Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects, will help you roll out the new project management processes you created with...

Deliverable Acceptance Form Template

Use this template to outline project deliverable sign-off criteria, and ensure business and technical acceptance criteria are met.

Post-Mortem Review Template

The Post-Mortem Review Template is used to assess the project's success by reviewing major aspects of the project execution process and the final deliverables. Lessons...

Project Prioritization Resource Alignment Master

This tool has been designed to help you determine where resource gaps lie for your prioritized projects. Identifying required staff and budget constraints will help you...

Guide to Understanding Triggers for Re-Prioritization

This guide should be used to identify circumstances in which re-prioritization of projects may be required.

Master Tool Frequently Asked Questions

Use this document to address some frequently asked questions regarding the Project Prioritization Resource Alignment Master Tool.

Project Prioritization List Maintenance Guidelines

Use this guide to help establish your own Prioritization List Maintenance Plan with the objective to monitor and sustain your project list by continuously examining,...

Portfolio Monitoring Process Guide

Portfolio monitoring is concerned with regular visibility into the total set of projects underway across the organization. This document is designed to take managers...
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