Your NATRC Membership Includes:

  • Access to Tribal specific research available nowhere else in the industry
  • Complimentary 3 month Info-Tech Research Group & McLean & Company Core Membership for 3 of your IT and 3 of your HR executives
  • Complimentary annual TribalNet all-access membership
  • Complimentary TribalNet conference pass
  • On average our clients receive over $30,000 in value each time they engage with our analyst team
  • Special savings when combining the Native American Technology Research Center (NATRC) and the Gaming & Hospitality Research Center (GHRC) memberships

Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech’s mission is to help our members conquer their challenges by improving their core IT processes and actively assisting in delivering on their key projects. Includes all core research including Applications, Infrastructure, Strategy & Leadership, and IT Management & Governance Best Practice Process Framework.

McLean & Company: Human Resource Management

Practical research, tools and advice covering the entire spectrum of HR challenges to ensure you achieve measurable, positive results. Includes HR Strategy, Employee Engagement, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Total Compensation, and HR Operations & Infrastructure.

Technology To Protect Your Past And Prepare You For The Future

Before the NATRC there was NO research available specific to technology and innovation within tribal organizations. Look at how far we’ve come now:

  • Tribal Financial Management Solutions
  • Tribal Enrollment and Membership Management Systems
  • Tribal Court & Docket Management Systems
  • Tribal Asset & Work Order Management
  • How to Select, Implement, or Change a Resource Patient Management System (RPMS)

And we have exciting upcoming 2016 NATRC Additions:

  • Tribal Emergency Response Management Systems
  • Train Tribal Managers to Develop Employees to Increase Engagement and Productivity
  • How to Prepare for a HIPAA Compliance Audit

I’ve been an Info-Tech customer for several years. With their valuable research easily available, they save me time and money by not having to research it myself. It’s hard to believe they provide so much information on every topic I can think of. They understand Native American Tribes and issues with sovereignty which makes their research more meaningful and specifically focused.

Jon James

CIO, Cherokee Nation

Build Effective Land Management Through GIS

Land management is critical to tribal governance because it is central to issues of land ownership, natural resources, sacred sites, government services, and self-determination. A geographic information system (GIS) is a key to effective land management. Our blueprint guides tribes through a process to prepare for a tribe-wide GIS.

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Vendor Landscape: Tribal Emergency Incident Management Systems

With the rise of natural disasters and accidents, tribal nations must be prepared to protect and be stewards for their assets and communities through prompt and coordinated responses.

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Strengthen Tribal HR’s Stakeholder Management Capabilities

In tribal contexts, stakeholder relationships can be more complex due to overlap of tribal and business governance. Strengthen stakeholder management capabilities by communicating effectively and establishing lasting relationships with tribal stakeholders.

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Vendor Landscape: Tribal Financial Management Solutions

Financial management is about more than just balancing the books; choose a solution that supports member needs, government regulations, and financial stability.

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Vendor Landscape: Tribal Enrollment and Membership Management Systems

Find a solution that does more than house your members' information. Find one that lets you interact, integrate, and learn from it!

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Vendor Landscape: Tribal Court & Docket Management System

Court automation is about more than just automating processes; choose a solution that supports member needs while improving transparency and member service levels.

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Select, Implement, or Change a Resource & Patient Management System

Navigate tribal healthcare and RPMS systems to increase tribal revenues and improve community service levels.

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Vendor Landscape: Tribal Asset & Work Order Management

Make sure your tribal assets perform as intended with reduced operating costs & increased return on net assets.

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