Info-Tech Premium is our top-tier service membership offering the deepest dive into our most tailored research. Premium provides detailed data-driven reviews on enterprise software to aid in your technology selection, as well as tailored vertical research to your industry, creating the most comprehensive membership experience Info-Tech has to offer. Explore the offerings below and see why Info-Tech Premium is right for you.


Comprehensive software reviews to make better IT decisions

We collect and analyze the most detailed reviews on enterprise software from real users to give you an unprecidented view into products and vendors before you buy

Learn from the collective knowledge of real IT professionals

  • Know the products and features available
  • Explore module and detailed feature level data
  • Quickly understand the market

Evaluate market leaders through vendor rankings and awards

  • Convince stakeholders with professional reports
  • Avoid pitfalls with unfiltered data from real users
  • Confidently select your software

Cut through misleading marketing material

  • Negotiate contracts based on data
  • Know what to expectbefore you sign
  • Effectively manage the vendor

Industry Specific Research

Deep vertical research so you can find tailored insights into your industry

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Benchmarking Reports

  • See where you stack up in your industry
  • Follow current trends and build on best practices
  • Make better decisions based on real data from your area
Benchmark Report

Our benchmarking reports are built on years of in-depth data collection using our innovative diagnostic programs. Aggregating data across hundreds of IT departments in your specific industry, Our benchmarking reports give you vertical insights into the state of the industry like never before.

Reference Architectures

  • Speak the same language as partners to increase interoperability
  • Facilitate benchmarking by leveraging best practices
  • Ensure industry compliance and reduce risk
Reference Architectures

Structuring your IT department and processes is a complicated and industry specific task. Luckily you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Our reference architectures are built on years of industry expertise, honed by analysts working with real IT professionals in the industry.

Research Notes

  • Save more time with short notes that are easy to digest
  • Stay in the loop with timely publications on current topics
  • Get tailored research with deep vertical knowledge in your industry
Research Notes

Technology is moving at an ever increasing speed. Our periodic Industry Research Notes are here to keep you up to date on trends and timely topics in your industry. These short, digestible notes are perfect with your morning coffee, and will keep you on top of what matters most.

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