Generative AI Use Case Library for the Healthcare Industry Storyboard

This library of generative AI use cases in the Healthcare industry provides insights into the latest and most impactful Gen AI use cases.

Application Portfolio Management Foundations for Healthcare Organizations – Phases 1-4

Enterprises have more applications than they need and rarely apply oversight to monitor the health, cost, and relative value of applications to ensure efficiency and...

Navigate Zero-Trust Security in Healthcare Storyboard

Achieving zero-trust is an iterative process that involves a range of capabilities and requires stakeholders to be committed to improving a healthcare organization’s...

Hospital Industry Reference Architecture Guide

An industry reference architecture is comprised of tools, templates, and a validated view of integrated casino business capabilities that help CIOs and hospital...

Select an Electronic Health Record – Phases 1 to 3

This storyboard will help you follow a structured approach to select an EHR that is the right fit for your health care institution.

Select an Electronic Health Record – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why your organization should care about EHRs to improve patient-practitioner experience and how Info-Tech will support you as...

Select an Electronic Health Record – Phase 1: Understand EHR and Launch the Project

Phase 1 of this blueprint gives you the big picture of EHR core capabilities and enables you to assess project readiness.

Select an Electronic Health Record – Phase 2: Collect Requirements and Shortlist Solutions

In this phase of the blueprint, embark on the requirements gathering process and understand the EHR vendor landscape.

Select an Electronic Health Record – Phase 3: Select a Vendor and Communicate the Process

In this phase of the blueprint, construct the RFP and carry out the vendor demonstration process. Decide on an EHR and present the solution to stakeholders.
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