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COPS Business Reference Architecture Guide

This guide is designed to help community-oriented policing services members align with the organizational priorities of a law enforcement agency. It provides tools to...

AI and AI-Related Use Case Library for Community-Oriented Policing Services Storyboard

This report presents some of the benefits and challenges of AI in policing. It offers an extensive library of use cases and suggests ways to ensure responsible and...

Responsible Use of AI in Policing Storyboard

This report presents key insights and initiatives to address the challenges of using AI responsibly in policing.

Interoperability: The True Power Behind the Digital Front Door Storyboard

This research offers public health and healthcare organizations eight key insights to unlock the full potential of the digital front door.

Responsible AI Primer and Playbook for Public Health and Healthcare Organizations Storyboard

This playbook outlines how to build your AI roadmap, establish responsible AI principles, prioritize opportunities, and develop policies for usage. Establishing and...

AI for Good: A Framework to Support Vulnerable People in Society Storyboard

Use this storyboard to leverage AI systems to enhance your department or agency's abilities to serve vulnerable communities.

Simplify Your Journey to Become a Digital Government by Building Cloud Proficiency Storyboard

This report is the result of extensive primary and secondary research, aiming to foster a peer-to-peer understanding and empathy toward the major challenges federal...

Automation to Reduce the IT Talent Gap in Public Sector IT Storyboard

Use this report to to navigate the complexities of automation in a way that serves the broader mission of efficient, effective, and citizen-oriented services.

AI Use Case Library for Local Government Storyboard

Identify value-driven Gen AI use cases to transform your organization.

AI Use Case Library for State & Provincial Governments Storyboard

Identify value-driven Gen AI use cases to transform your organization.
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