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Modernize Your Applications

Applications will eventually need to be modernized as regular maintenance will not be able to recover deteriorating value and aging supporting...

Infrastructure & Operations

Establish a Program to Enable Effective Performance Monitoring

Application issues caused by performance slowdowns or downtime will directly translate into negative experiences for your end users and...

Infrastructure & Operations

Implement High Availability for Mission Critical Databases

Efficient backup/recovery processes and technology will meet most recovery time and recovery point objectives. Implement database high...

Data & Business Intelligence

Select and Implement an Enterprise Content Management Solution

Information is the lifeforce of the modern organization. Managing it effectively provides a foundation on which transformational capabilities can...

Vendor Management

Negotiate SaaS Agreements That Are Built to Last

Review your SaaS contracts to leverage your unique position during negotiations and find substantial cost savings.

Data & Business Intelligence

Build Effective Enterprise Integration on the Back of Business Process

Create an enterprise integration strategy that combines your business process, applications, and data.


Optimize Your SQA Practice Using a Full Lifecycle Approach

Your product is only as good as your process. A robust development and SQA process produces artifacts that are highly testable, easily...


Build, Optimize, and Present a Risk-Based Security Budget

Security budgets are unlike other department budgets. Increases or decreases in the budget can drastically affect the organizational risk level....


Minimize the Damage of IT Cost Cuts

IT continues to be a focal point for cost reduction in organizations, but cutting costs blindly can cause serious damage to IT and the business....

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