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Establish Data Governance – Phases 1-3 – APAC

Data Governance Research – A step-by-step document to ensure that the people handling the data are involved in the decisions surrounding data usage, data quality,...

Create a Data Management Roadmap – Phases 1-2

Use this blueprint to translate strategic direction and vision for data (the "what") into a plan of action for the data practice (the "how"), addressing governance,...

AI Trends Report 2023

Use this trends report to understand AI trends and AI research developments to plan and access the future applications of AI for your organization.

Data and Analytics Trends Report 2023

In this report, we explore nine data use cases for emerging technologies that can improve on capabilities needed to compete in the data-driven economy. Use cases combine...

Foster Data-Driven Culture With Data Literacy Storyboard

This step-by-step document will help organizations to build an effective and sustainable data literacy program that benefits all employees who works with data.

Position and Agree on ROI to Maximize the Impact of Data and Analytics Storyboard

This research is directed at the key decision makers tasked with addressing business problems. It also informs stakeholders that have any interest in ROI, such as problem...

Develop a Master Data Management Practice and Platform – Phases 1-2

Approaching MDM with a clear blueprint that provides a step-by-step approach that will aid in the development of your MDM practice and platform.

Build Your Generative AI Roadmap – Phases 1-4

This blueprint outlines how to build your generative AI roadmap, establish responsible AI principles, prioritize opportunities, and develop policies for usage.

Generative AI: Market Primer Storyboard

This market primer for generative AI will help you contextualize the marketspace and prepare for Gen AI selection. Learn what components of Gen AI an organization should...

Establish Effective Data Stewardship – Phases 1-3

Research that provides a step-by-step approach to aid in the successful establishment of a data steward role.
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