Data Management & Governance - Templates & Policies

Data Integration Trends Presentation

A tool to help you to understand many new IT technologies.

Data Integration PoC Template

This tool provides the reader with information on the proof of concept (POC).

Blockchain Glossary

The Blockchain Glossary contains all the important definitions associated with blockchain, offering readers the opportunity to search for key words to understand the...

Example Data Flow Diagram – e-Commerce

Use this example as a starting point to documenting your data flow diagrams.

Data Strategy Use Case Template

Use this template to conduct high-value business-needs gathering sessions to highlight and create relevant use cases around data-related challenges or opportunities that...

Business Intelligence RFP Template

Customize this template to create your own request for proposal (RFP) for your BI and analytics solution procurement process.

Data Entry Policy

The integrity and quality of data and evidence used to inform decision making is central to both the short-term and long-term health of the organization.

Data Provenance Policy

The value of data as an institutional resource is increased through its widespread and appropriate use; its value is diminished through improper sourcing, misuse,...

Data Integration and Virtualization Policy

The data integration and virtualization policy will outline the responsibilities for mitigating the risks to personal privacy when integrating, replicating, or...

Big Data Architecture Principles & Guidelines Template

This template provides an effective framework to identify and define big data architecture principles and guidelines.
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