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Build Your Generative AI Roadmap

Generative AI is disrupting all industries and providing opportunities for organization-wide advantage. Organizations need to understand this disruptive technology and...
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Generative AI: Market Primer

This market primer for generative AI will help you contextualize the marketspace and prepare for generative AI selection. Learn what components of generative AI an...
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Establish Effective Data Stewardship

Data stewards bring valuable expertise and knowledge about their business areas (priorities, business capabilities, business processes, challenges, and opportunities with...

Tell Your Story With Data Visualization

Storytelling with data visualization helps businesses make better decisions by simplifying complex information, highlighting key insights and trends, and providing a...
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Identify and Build the Data & Analytics Skills Your Organization Needs

The demand for data expertise has grown. It is critical for organizations to identify the skill and talent makeup of their data and analytics workforce. By recognizing...

Select Your Generative AI Vendor

The generative AI marketplace is constantly evolving with the development of new algorithms, structures and frameworks and emergence of new and commercial AI players. The...

An AI Primer for Business Leaders

As a business leader, you are preparing your organization to thrive through the AI revolution. But most people were caught flat-footed when generative AI rose to...

Identify and Select Pilot AI Use Cases

Use this systematic approach to identify AI use cases aligned to the organization’s goals and identify an initial pilot project based on expected value and organizational...

Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform Selection Guide

Business intelligence and analytics solutions are becoming increasingly essential tools, transforming organizational data into actionable insights that inform and guide...
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Design Your AI Target Operating Model

Use this research to design the AI capabilities, roles, and operating model that will support your AI strategy and roadmap.
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