Performance Measurement - Blueprints

Establish High-Value IT Performance Dashboards and Metrics

CIOs spend hours agonizing over what IT information to show their executives and how to present this information in an easy-to-consume format. Info-Tech relieves this...
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Key Metrics for Every CIO

As a CIO, there is an endless list of metrics that could be measured. Be strategic and measure the key aspects that tie to your priorities as a CIO. Focus on metrics...

Start Making Data-Driven People Decisions

There is a statistically significant relationship between analytics used and overall effectiveness for IT departments, but IT leaders know they are missing out by not...
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Create a Holistic IT Dashboard

IT leaders need a holistic view of all the practices in their IT department. This blueprint helps you select the right KPIs for your organization, build a dashboard, and...
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IT Metrics and Dashboards During a Pandemic

Many organizations have metrics and dashboards that help them control their performance. During a crisis like a pandemic, the rules have suddenly changed. Your ability to...
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Implement Lean Management Practices That Work

There are many misconceptions about Lean management and people are often overwhelmed by all the tools and Japanese terminology for what are essentially simple...
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