Cost & Budget Management - Storyboard

Develop a Flexible IT Funding Model Storyboard

Unlock the right funding for the right initiative at the right time through a flexible IT funding model created by pulling the right flexibility levers.

Develop Your IT Leadership Team's Financial Literacy Storyboard

Financial literacy in IT is at historically low levels. Use this blueprint and tools to understand why financial literacy matters, assess your IT management team’s...

Capstone: Take a Holistic Approach to IT Financial Management

Good ITFM improves decision making by improving transparency and enabling more meaningful conversations with stakeholders. Let us help you chart a path to achieving ITFM...

Create a Transparent and Defensible IT Budget Storyboard

Use this storyboard to develop a multi-perspective IT budget that reflects the priorities of IT's key stakeholders and facilitates the budget-approval process.

Assess Your IT Financial Management Maturity Effectively Storyboard

Mature your ITFM practice by activating the means to make informed business decisions.

Build Your IT Cost Optimization Roadmap – Phases 1-4

Develop an IT cost-optimization strategy based on your specific circumstances and timeline. Info-Tech’s methodology helps you maintain sustainable cost optimization...

Achieve IT Spend & Staffing Transparency Storyboard

Use this blueprint's proven methodology to discover your true IT vendor and staff spend and map this spend data to four key stakeholder groups' points of view: CFO, CIO,...

Maximize Your American Rescue Plan Funding Storyboard

Partner with the organziation to thrive post-pandemic.

Increase Grant Application Success – Phases 1-4

Follow the methodology to increase the number of grants your organization secures.

Increase Grant Application Success – Phase 1: Identify Opportunities

Learn how to identify grant funding opportunities that align with the priorities of your organization.
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