Lead - Templates & Policies

Regular CEO IT Update Package Presentation Template

An easy-to-customize template to help you build an effortlessly made impressive CEO update reports.

Atmosphere – SCARF Worksheet

The SCARF worksheet supports a team discussion on what may be interfering with their sense of safety in the team.

IT Team Effectiveness Survey

The IT Team Effectiveness survey is a tool that, when completed by each team member, will indicate strengths and areas for focus.

Exchanges – Team Communications Flow

The Team Communications Flow tool will highlight the interactions of the team as a whole as well as the individual members.

Exchanges – Communications Guide Poster Template

A template to record communication protocols for the team.

Action Plan Template

The Action Plan template captures next steps for the team on what they are committing to build a more effective team.

Departmental Meeting Template

Cascade your communication down to the IT department with this facilitation guide for introducing accessibility and the roadmap to the entire IT team.

Accessibility Quick Cards

Connecting to the Info-Tech Management & Governance Framework, these quick cards help each area of IT brainstorm quick ways and reminders of how to incorporate and build...

IT Manager Meeting Template

A clear, concise, and compelling communication to introduce accessibility for your organization to IT managers and to facilitate their participation in building the roadmap.

Communicate Your CIO Business Vision Diagnostic Results

After completing the CIO Business Vision Diagnostic it is important to share the results and highlight next steps with business leaders. Use this template to support...
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