Create Your Digital Strategy

Pre-digital organizations are not dinosaurs doomed to extinction. Organizations can transform themselves to thrive in the digital age. Digital transformation requires a...
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Create Your Digital Strategy – Executive Brief

The executive brief introduces you to the five domains of digital strategy: Customer, Competition, Data, Operations, and Value. This artifact puts forth a case to create...

Create Your Digital Strategy – Phases 1-5

This storyboard will help you create your digital strategy through consideration across five domains of your organization: Customer; Competition; Data; Operations and...

Digital Strategy Playbook

Use this tool to identify areas of innovation around customer network strategies, data and operational transformation, and create a forward looking value proposition for...

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire CloudCherry

Cisco has announced its intent to acquire CloudCherry, boosting its contact center portfolio.

A 100-Day Plan for WeWork’s New Executives

Last week WeWork CEO Adam Neumann agreed with the rest of the start-up’s board in removing himself from the top office following a botched IPO attempt. How should new...

The Business Leadership Podcast

You're likely here because you heard about us on The Business Leadership podcast in Info-Tech's special series, The First 100 Days. If you're a new executive that's...

Coaching and Feedback Facilitation Guide

Use this customizable guide to facilitate manager training in giving coaching and feedback.

Coaching and Feedback Participant Workbook

Use this participant workbook in conjunction with the Coaching and Feedback Facilitation Guide to deliver training to first-time IT managers.

Effective Feedback Training Role Play Scenarios

Use this list of scenarios to help managers solidify feedback skills as part of Build a Better Manager Coaching and Feedback training.
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