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CIO Priorities 2024 Report

Focus on developing the capabilities that will create exponential value.

Master Your Change Story for Digital Transformation Storyboard

A change story is a written or verbal narrative that helps employees link their work to transformation objectives and is a critical first step in any transformation to...

Build Your AI Strategy Roadmap Storyboard

Develop your AI strategy and roadmap to maximize return and mitigate risks with your business-aligned AI investments.

Define Your Enterprise IT and Digital Services – Phases 1-4

Use this blueprint to accurately identify and align your IT services to your enterprise to ensure you deliver optimal business value from the enterprise customer perspective.

Write Better IT Job Descriptions Storyboard

This deck helps you use the Info-Tech IT Job Description Library most effectively. It includes supplemental information to that on the website.

Info-Tech’s Best of 2023

Review this deck to see the most popular research we published in 2023. Book an analyst call with our experts to guide you to successful project completion.

Develop a Fit-for-Purpose IT Financial Taxonomy Storyboard

Use this guide to understand the steps involved in developing a taxonomy to classify and organize your IT financial data so that you have the transparency needed for...

Develop an Exponential IT Roadmap – Phases 1-3

A step-by-step guide to building a roadmap of Exponential IT initiatives.

Use ChatGPT Wisely to Improve Productivity Storyboard

This CAD discusses ChatGPT for writers and content creators. We identify five forms of bias and recommend approaches to use it appropriately.

(Re)Calibrate Your IT Workforce for AI Storyboard

This research provides a guide to help organizations determine the AI workforce competencies they need and build a prioritized plan to close their AI skills gap.
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