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Project Status Communication Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you organize your ideas and develop your plan for communicating project status to stakeholders.

Business Intelligence RFP Template

Use Info-Tech’s RFP template to guide vendors through the procurement process.

Business Intelligence Vendor Demo Script

Use the Business Intelligence Vendor Demo Script to guide vendor demonstrations of their BI platforms.

Master Data Management Solution RFP Template

Organizations embarking on the selection process for a master data management solution vendor may elect to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) after determining their...

Master Data Management Change Request Form

A Master Data Management Change Request is a formal document that will both outline the requested change and outline any possible implications associated with it.

Business Process-Based Documentation Template

The Process Based Documentation Template will allow you to build documentation that will help end users navigate the ERP system using the associated business process as a...

Job Description Template

Job descriptions are important management documents that set expectations, accountabilities, and other requirements for job performance. Use this template to document...

Mobile ERP Use Case and Requirements Gathering Template

Inspired by Allistair Cockburn's book, Writing Effective Use Cases, this template will help build a use case and gather requirements for that specific use case when...

Project Charter

This template is designed to help you build a project charter in a timely manner.

Big Data Business Requirements Template

Use this template to document your requirements for your big data project. After obtaining the high-level goals and objectives from the business, gradually break down...
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