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Choose Your Mobile Platform and Tools

Workers require access to enterprise products, data, and services anywhere at any time on any device. Give them the device-specific features, offline access, desktop-like...
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Create an Agile-Friendly Project Gating and Governance Approach

Most organizations use project gating and governance frameworks that are not well suited to Agile delivery methods and can stifle their Agile transformation. Use...

Select a Sourcing Partner for Your Development Team

Selecting the right partner for your sourcing needs is no longer a cost-based exercise. Long-term value is derived from selecting the partner who best matches your firm...

Build Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Many marketers struggle to build their ABM strategy because they have not yet developed their core capabilities for a successful enterprise marketing demand generation...
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Leverage Web Analytics to Reinforce Your Web Experience Management Strategy

Customers want to consume concise content and information quickly. Websites have limited time to prove their usefulness to a new user. Content needs to be as few clicks...

Applications Priorities 2023

As you continue to strengthen business continuity, disaster recovery, and system resiliency, activities to simply "keep the lights on" are not enough. Be pragmatic in the...

Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is expensive, benefits can be difficult to quantify, and optimization can be difficult to navigate. Take a proactive approach...
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Marketing Management Suite Software Selection Guide

Modern marketing management suite (MMS) platforms are imperative given today’s complex, multitiered, and often non-standardized marketing processes. Organizations must...
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Develop Your Agile Approach for a Successful Transformation

Agile transformations can be difficult and complex to implement. That’s because they require fundamental changes in the way an organization thinks and behaves (and many...
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Manage Requirements in an Agile Environment

When navigating to Agile from waterfall, requirements management can be difficult. If you lack alignment, significant time, money and effort can be wasted.
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