Business Processes - Templates & Policies

Template and Sample AI Business Case Executive Presentation

Use this combined template and sample to pull all the components of your AI business case together into a comprehensive and compelling presentation.

Sample AI Use Case

Use this AI use case sample to inspire the identification and development of an AI use case in your organization.

Sample AI Prototyping Workbook

Use this AI prototype draft sample as guidance on sketching out an AI-driven solution at a high level.

Business Process Automation Strategy Template

This template is leveraged as part of Develop Your Value-First Business Process Automation Strategy to hep you document your business process automation strategy.

Make the Case for Legacy Application Modernization Presentation Template

Use this template to create an executive presentation to make the case for application modernization.

Your Enterprise Application Implementation Playbook

This is the main playbook that you build through the exercises defined in the ​Build Your Enterprise Application Implementation Playbook blueprint.

Process Mapping Guide

Use this step-by-step guide to understand the best practices surrounding process mapping.

Process Interview Template

Use this template as a guide for conducting interviews regarding the viability of processes within your organization.

Business Process Automation Playbook

Use this template to define the guide for your process automation.

CoE Maturity Diagnostic Tool

This tool will help you determine the maturity level of your Center of Excellence.
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