Everything That Can Go Wrong Will – Use Feature Flags to Manage the Risks

Is it true that everything that can go wrong will go wrong? Don’t bet on it to not.

Athenahealth Introduces an EHR-Integrated Telehealth Solution

Between mid-February and April, athenahealth reported a 3,400% increase in demand for telehealth services. In response to this unprecedented need for patients and...

Cerner and Amazon Web Services Partner to Share COVID-19 Data With Researchers

Cerner and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together to expand access to clinical data battling the COVID-19 pandemic by sharing de-identified patient data with...

Experian eCare NEXT Connects Revenue Cycle Management and Clinical Workflows

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to expand digital patient care options. Patient management systems like...

MEDITECH Successfully Completes Its First Virtual EHR Implementation

COVID-19 has disrupted critical healthcare projects and implementation plans. Despite the considerable challenges faced by many healthcare organizations MEDITECH has been...

Ohio Healthcare Provider Accelerates Rollout of Allscripts FollowMyHealth Telemedicine App

Grand Lake Health System (GHLS) in St. Mary’s, Ohio, had telehealth on its 2020 application roadmap. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, GLHS chose Allscripts’ telemedicine...

Dynatrace Offers Service to Improve SDLC

APM vendor Dynatrace is offering a service to help its customers improve their SDLC. This offering aligns with an overall shift in the IT marketplace.

Select and Use SDLC Metrics Effectively

We live in a world that is fixated on metrics and believes that having more metrics is always better than having less. But the truth is that any poorly chosen or poorly...
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Select and Use SDLC Metrics Effectively – Executive Brief

The Executive Brief explores the pitfalls of metrics along with sound practices for the effective selection and use of metrics in your organization.

Select and Use SDLC Metrics Effectively – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you to navigate the treacherous waters surrounding effective selection and use of SDLC metrics in your organization.
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