Blueprint Software Bridges the Gap in Compliance Requirements

Blueprint Software integrates financial services regulatory requirements into its core platform for easier traceability.

VMware CEO Shows Why Citizen Developers Are the Inevitable Result of Cloud Growth

Analysts make their bones on prognostication and prediction, and the imminent demise of any given technology is a mainstay of their subject matter. San Francisco-based...

eClinicalWorks Creates Open Interoperability Standards to Exchange Health Data Quickly

eClinicalWorks has developed an Open Interoperability standard (EOI) that leverages FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) to exchange health data. Extends Confluence for Design

Build out your collaboration tool chain to include diagram and design capabilities. An image is worth a thousand words in a requirements document.

Agile Doesn’t Mean No Requirements

Too many teams are “doing Agile” and mistakenly think that interactions over comprehensive documents means no more requirements. That may be true in a world of “Badgile,”...

Move to Jenkins X for Automated CI/CD of Cloud-Native Applications

​Jenkins from CloudBees has been a stalwart of the open-source continuous integration (CI) / continuous delivery (CD) movement for well over a decade. The recent...

ServiceNow Extends Delivery Collaboration With New York Release

ServiceNow’s New York release extends the visibility, transparency, and collaboration capabilities today’s Agile and DevOps teams need.

AWS CDK Breaks New Ground in Infrastructure as Code

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) breaks new ground in infrastructure as code. Info-Tech expects infra-as-code tooling to continue to grow more sophisticated.

Justify Project Deliverable Value With

Intake and backlog management are two of the top reasons for failed product and feature delivery. brings the analytical and management practices to visualize,...

Enhance Your Quality Reporting Capabilities With QACube

Software QA requires complete end-to-end visibility of your delivery process and your team’s ability to meet defined quality standards and benchmarks. QACube provides the...
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