VMware CEO Shows Why Citizen Developers Are the Inevitable Result of Cloud Growth

Analysts make their bones on prognostication and prediction, and the imminent demise of any given technology is a mainstay of their subject matter. San Francisco-based...

eClinicalWorks Creates Open Interoperability Standards to Exchange Health Data Quickly

eClinicalWorks has developed an Open Interoperability standard (EOI) that leverages FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) to exchange health data.

Blueprint Software Bridges the Gap in Compliance Requirements

Blueprint Software integrates financial services regulatory requirements into its core platform for easier traceability.

Select Your Open-Source QA Tools With Eyes Wide Open

Open source has been and continues to be a fundamental piece in QA and will be part of any QA tool selection. However, open source brings unique challenges depending on...

2020 Applications Priorities Report

Use Info-Tech's 2020 Applications Priorities Report to learn about the five initiatives that IT should prioritize for the year: adopt a platform for ERP, standardize...

2020 Applications Priorities Report Storyboard

Info-Tech’s 2020 Applications Priorities Report explores five initiatives that IT should prioritize for the year that will position the organization to leap ahead of the...

2020 Applications Priorities Report – Executive Brief

Read the executive brief for a summary of the priorities and themes that an IT organization should focus on this year.

iRise Looks to Improve Engagement Through New Reports

Recognizing that successful software delivery is not just about pushing out requirements and code, iRise has added several custom reports to support project management,...

Tasktop Integrates Azure DevOps With Jira

Azure DevOps has expanded its ecosystem of utility tools to include Tasktop, an integration plugin that connects Jira to Azure DevOps. Tasktop allows bi-directional...

Recent Rally Software Product Enhancements

The team at Rally Software (now a Broadcom company) has introduced several enhancements to their UI, Team Board, and is testing new integration.
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