Development - Templates & Policies

Sprint Capacity Spreadsheet

Capture each Scrum team member's capacity for each Sprint to avoid overloading them.

Solution DLC Playbook Template

Document your solution delivery lifecycle with implementation and support plans.

Scrum Simulation Exercise (Online Banking App)

Simulate Scrum to better understand how to manage a backlog effectively, estimate project timeline and cost, and solidify your understanding of minimum viable product (MVP).

Roadmap for Transition to Agile

Build and frame your roadmap to effectively transition to Agile.

Enabling Product Delivery – Executive Workshop Outcomes

Enabling Product Delivery Executive Workshop outcomes summary with the results of your workshop, recommendations where we can make that path easier, links to related...

Agile Project Status Report

Create your Agile project status report template.


Create your Agilometer tool.

Gates 3 and 3A Checklists

Create your Gates 3 and 3A checklists.

Create an IVR Call Flow That Empowers Your Customers

Use this template to elevate the construction of your IVR call flow tree by creating customer personas that allow you to better understand your key demographic.

Define a Release Management Process to Deliver Lasting Value Template

Use this template to help you define, detail, and make a reality your strategy in support of your application release management framework
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