Data-Driven IT Strategy

Build an IT strategy that uses data, not intuition, to set IT’s agenda

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You Need These 3 Inputs to Build a Robust, Data-Supported IT Strategy

IT Strategy Framework
  • 1
  • Define IT's Mandate
  • Gather C-Suite Feedback
  • 2
  • Measure IT’s Performance
  • Collect Business Leader Feedback
  • 3
  • Analyze Internal Capabilities
  • Assess IT Processes

The Data-Driven IT Strategy Program Systematically Collects the Data You Need

  • 1

Define IT's Mandate

What it drives:

  1. Key barriers to IT innovation success
  2. Alignment of CEO and IT
  3. IT goals and budgetary expectations

CEO-CIO Alignment Diagnostic

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  • 2

Measure IT’s Performance

What it drives:

  1. Stakeholder satisfaction with IT performance and services
  2. Prioritized list of IT process improvements
  3. IT capacity constraints

CIO Business Vision Diagnostic

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  • 3

Analyze Internal Capabilities

What it drives:

  1. Current IT process strengths and weaknesses
  2. Prioritized list of IT process improvements
  3. Critical processes that will enable IT success

Management & Governance Diagnostic


Collect the data and build your IT Strategy today

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