IT Infrastructure Diagnostic Program

Effectively Manage IT Infrastructure

You can’t manage what you don’t measure – but that’s easier said than done. Use data to improve reliability, availability and maintainability.

The IT Infrastructure Diagnostic Program is a low effort, high impact program designed to help IT Infrastructure Leaders assess and improve their operations. Assess your current operations, identify problem areas, and provide recommendations to improve IT infrastructure operations to meet reliability, availability, and maintainability targets.

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Improving IT Infrastructure Operations starts here:

Step 1: Assess Current Operations Based on Best Practices

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Data Center Infrastructure Scorecard

Understand your current strengths and weaknesses that you can improve and optimize with infrastructure governance and management.

Data Center Manager

Audience: Data Center Manager

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STEP 2: Measure Business Satisfaction

Data Center Infrastructure Business Vision

Gauge satisfaction with infrastructure reliability, availability, and maintainability; identify whether concerns are perception-based or a symptom of misaligned target service levels.

Data Center Manager and Business Leaders

Audience: Data Center Manager and Business Leaders

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Step 3: Analyze Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability Results

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Data Center Service Level Dashboards

Analyze the extent that target service levels are being met across infrastructure silos and service delivery models to isolate where to focus improvement efforts.

Data Center Manager

Audience: Data Center Manager

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STEP 4: Improve Targeted Infrastructure Silos

Data Center Infrastructure Area Assessments

Uncover the root causes for infrastructure issues through an analysis of staffing, process, and technology effectiveness for a specific infrastructure silo.

Infrastructure Team

Audience: Infrastructure Team

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