Use IT Metrics for Accountability and Success

Know where you stand before others do. Metrics are an IT staple.


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Your Challenge

  • IT managers constantly need to justify their staffing and spending levels and strive to improve IT efficiency.
  • When assessing comparative benchmarks, it is hard to know which metrics to start with.
  • This solution set will help you understand and pick the appropriate comparative benchmarks to justify your staffing and spending, improve IT operations, and demonstrate value to the business.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Often enterprises will attempt to do too much at once, and end up with a monstrous metrics program that becomes too unwieldy to maintain.
  • It’s ok to start small, even if you are a big company. We can get you rolling in less than an hour with our tools, templates, and advice.

Impact and Result

  • Utilize a selection and reporting tool that does the work for you.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to initiate a metrics program for your IT shop.
  • MeasureIT program provides instant access to custom benchmarking reports.

Use IT Metrics for Accountability and Success


Understand the budget & staffing benchmarks appropriate for my business

Get a handle on IT metrics and how they benefit IT and the business


Plan my IT metrics program

Put together a realistic IT metrics plan


Learn how to interpret metrics and demonstrate IT value

Understand and strategize for the integration of metrics into IT


Effectively communicate IT metrics internally and to the business

Tell the right story to the business - help the business understand the value of IT