Develop a Cloud Testing Strategy for Today's Apps

The Cloud opens new opportunities for testing that were previously impossible.


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Your Challenge

  • The growth of the Cloud and the evolution of business operations have shown that traditional testing strategies do not work well with modern applications.
  • Organizations require a new framework around testing cloud applications that account for on-demand scalability and self-provisioning.
  • Expectations of application consumers are continually increasing with speed-to-market and quality being the norm.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Cloud technology does not change the traditional testing processes that many organizations have accepted and adopted. It does, however, enhance traditional practices with increased replication capacity, execution speed, and compatibility through its virtual infrastructure and automated processes. Consider these factors when developing the cloud testing strategy.
  • Involving the business in strategy development will keep them engaged and align business drivers with technical initiatives.
  • Implement cloud testing solutions in a well-defined rollout process to ensure business objectives are realized and cloud testing initiatives are optimized.
  • Cloud testing is green and dynamic. Realize the limitations of cloud testing and play on its strengths.

Impact and Result

  • Engaging in a formal and standardized cloud testing strategy and consistently meeting business needs throughout the organization maintains business buy-in.
  • The Cloud compounds the benefits from virtualization and automation because of the Cloud’s scalability, speed, and off-premise and virtual infrastructure and data storage attributes.
  • Cloud testing presents a new testing avenue. Realize that only certain tests are optimized in the Cloud, i.e., load, stress, and functional testing.

Develop a Cloud Testing Strategy for Today's Apps


Develop a cloud testing strategy.

Obtain organizational buy-ins and build a standardized and formal cloud testing strategy.


Assess the organization's readiness for cloud testing.

Assess your people, process, and technology for cloud testing readiness and realize areas for improvement.


Plan and manage the resources allocated to each project task.

Organize and monitor cloud project planning tasks throughout the project's duration.