Choose a Mobile Development Strategy

Mobile applications are everywhere; it’s time to get with the program, but ignore the hype


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Your Challenge

  • Organizations are seeing an influx of mobile devices in the workplace, and as a result, creating a mobile application may be necessary to keep employees engaged, and productive.
  • Once an organization has decided to develop a mobile application, several challenges arise including: what the purpose of the app will be, whether to develop a native or web app, and which platforms, and form factors to develop.
  • This solution set aims to aid organizations in making these tough decisions to develop the best possible application for their organization.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Mobile devices are here to stay, and they are not radically different from previous development strategies.
  • Three dimensions govern mobile development: form factor, platform, and application type.
  • Native applications, though well catered to the specific hardware features of a mobile device, can be extremely costly and are not compatible across all devices; therefore, to best prepare for the future, develop a web app if possible.

Impact and Result

  • First, establish if developing a mobile application is right for you. Then determine what the purpose would be, and who your end users are. This requirements gathering must be done prior to developing the actual application.
  • Use the Enterprise Mobile Application Type Assessment Tool to determine if your organization should develop a native app, or a web app.
  • Decide which form factors and platforms your organization will develop for – this choice should be based on which devices the users have, and on the cost-constraints of the organization.

Choose a Mobile Development Strategy


Determine if developing a mobile application is right for you

Get direction for how to tackle the mobile application space.


Choose: native or web app?

Develop a web app to best prepare for the future, and to save money.


Decide which form factors and platforms to develop

Develop only for the platforms and form factors you need, but don’t miss out on market share.